Loan Agreement Meaning In Punjabi

of a certain number or percentage of land income) and (در from the Persian word to Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, meaning support, owner, owner, custodian or owner), that is, in this context, the one who holds a certain percentage of land income. During the colony of 1840-41, tenants were divided into three classes: (a) those who, for many years, had not ceased to lease land and could not be evicted; (b) the tenants of Bhaiachara (fraternity villages) paid the rent at the same rate as the members of the brotherhood and who, as long as they paid this rate, were never excluded; (c) and those who have grown from year to year under a new agreement. These rentals were classified during the subdivision of 1863 and a certain status was set for different classes of tenants. .