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And former Chancellor Sajid Javid joined the ranks of potential rebels saying he did not understand why it was necessary to “pre-emptively break” the withdrawal agreement. Mr Cox said he would vote against the law because it would “unscrupulously” damage Britain`s global image. His outburst was particularly noteworthy because Mr Cox was pro-Brexit and was the government`s top legal adviser when Mr Johnson negotiated the Withdrawal Agreement. Britain and Ukraine sign a partnership agreement that includes a free trade agreement. But progress in the already fragile talks is threatened by plans announced on Sunday that the British government is due to publish a controversial section of the Single Market Act on Wednesday, which will deliberately try to repeal parts of the withdrawal agreement signed in January. It will include elements of the special regime for Northern Ireland that are legally binding. If no deal is reached before the deadline expires, the UK will “continue” and accept that a deal cannot be reached, Johnson said, adding that no deal would be a “good outcome”. The new agreement between Britain and Ukraine, which the heads of state and government will sign, represents a growing convergence between the UK`s trade and external policies since Brexit. The threat of tearing up a deal with the European Union is playing well with Brexiteers within his party. And there are three and a half months left before the deadline for a trade deal with Brussels on December 31, meaning Mr Johnson could still compromise afterwards. This is just the first step in legislation that would destroy parts of a pioneering deal struck last fall by Mr. Johnson with the European Union. The deal paved the way for Britain to leave the bloc after 44 years.

No need for a crystal ball to anticipate an agreement. Although infamous and dishonest, this government is not a proven madman. It will not kill the auto industry, manufacturing, agriculture, finance and fishing. It will not interrupt security and police relations with Europe. Nor will it want a hard border in Ireland that breaks the Good Friday Agreement. Nor will it freeze the friendship with the new president of the United States, nor will it irreparably anger relations with our closest neighbors and traders.