Share Purchase Agreement Stamp Duty Maharashtra


2.2 p. 3 of the Act, stamp duty, at the rate indicated in Schedule I, is imposed on any instrument exported to the state. Instruments performed outside the state are taxable only upon receipt in the state, provided they relate to real estate or something to do in the state. In both (d) and stamp duty is paid and collected in the manner in which each Member State operates. The Finance Act does not provide for a new mechanism in this regard. What is stamp duty on the share purchase contract and share transfer forms to mumbai and delhi Same obligation as on the statutes under Article 10, paragraph 5, paragraph A, paragraph iv, Of Schedule 1, indicates the stamp duty on the agreement or agreement that creates any obligation, any right or interest and creates a monetary value. 4.5 Stamp papers must be in the name of one of the parties to the transaction. They cannot be in the name of the accountant or counsel for the parties. The above approach is also followed in the case of the transfer of securities by the physical mode and by the custodians, where the tax is levied only against the consideration mentioned in the instrument, while, in the case of transfer of securities by the stock exchange, the tax is levied on the price which is thus traded.

The document to be collected with stamp duty can be drawn up on non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value. Unes executed documents can be francized with special Franking Machine adhesive stamps for stamping these documents by reporting the amount required to the stamp collector`s office, wherever it is available. When a brief is submitted for decision, the stamp collector, after receiving privacy, certifies the document relating to the payment of the tax in due form through a stamp duty corresponding to a reasonable amount equal to the amount of stamp duty and, if applicable, the penalty. In the case of the sale, transfer or reissue of securities for remuneration that are not paid by the stock exchange or the custodian law, it is specified that stamp duty must be paid by the seller, the ceding company or the issuer. In addition, the law has also clarified and fixed the obligation of one of the parties to pay stamp duty on the basis of the nature of the transactions carried out: 5.1 According to Law 34, any instrument insufficiently/unstamped, it is then inadmissible in any cause, for example. B in a civil court. These instruments can be considered as evidence for the payment of the required amount of customs duties and a penalty of 2% per month on the amount of the defective tariff calculated from the date of execution. However, the maximum penalty cannot exceed twice the amount of the right at issue. Stamp duty is mentioned below in four states, namely Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Delhi for MA transactions. In accordance with the provisions of Section 30, in the absence of a contrary agreement, the obligation of customs duties for the payment of stamp duty is borne by the performance of the manner submitted to it for certain types of documents.