Sasktel Unifor Collective Agreement

print REGINA — Unifor employees with SaskTel, SaskEnergy, SaskPower, SaskWater and the Water Safety Service have entered into new collective agreements with the province. The union had wanted agreements that did not include zero per cent increases and required annual increases corresponding to the cost of living. The province agreed with the crowns on October 20 after a 17-day labour dispute. The unions voted on 28 October in favour of ratifying the agreements and adopted the agreement on Thursday. Local 2-S – or call 306-382-7555 The Water Safety Agency also gets a six-year contract, with a freeze in 1 and 2, an increase of 1% in 3 and 4 years and two percent increases for the remaining two years. For more information, please contact Unifor Communications Representative Ian Boyko at or 778-903-6549 (cell). The agreements ratified this week after several weeks of voting in municipalities across Saskatchewan will hold wage increases for the five per cent prescribed by the government over the duration of the agreements. REGINA – The Scott Moe government has failed to secure a new collective agreement with another group of Crown Group employees, this time with nearly 3,000 Unifor employees at SaskTel before their contract ends. Directwest announced today that Unifor has voted to ratify a new collective agreement.

“I am pleased that Unifor members have ratified this agreement,” said Keith Jeannot, President of Directwest. “The Unifor and Directwest bargaining committees have worked very hard to reach this agreement, and I commend the professionalism and meticulous efforts of all parties involved, management and union members.” The union, which represents thousands of Crown employees in Saskatchewan, has ratified new collective agreements. SaskTel`s contract has a five-year agreement and includes a wage freeze for the first two years, followed by increases of one percent, two percent and two percent in subsequent years. Local 1-S – e-mail or call 306-586-7271 Unifor abschluss Vote October 28, 2019. The current collective agreement expired on March 19, which gave Directwest employees two years of zero for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19. The new agreement is valid for a three-year term, which expires on March 19, 2022. SaskEnergy, SaskWater and SaskPower agreed on a six-year contract with a seven per cent increase as follows: “Because the agreements were different, we were able to negotiate different performance improvements or improvements to collective agreements from different [crowns] beyond,” Doherty said. He said that all agreements include the same mandate from the government with respect to wages that keep wage increases at five percent over the life of the agreements. On 31 October, we filed a complaint on this matter, directly at the third stage of the appeal procedure, in which it is found that “the company has mistakenly interpreted the collective agreement on the right of EDO/the remuneration of workers eligible to return to the company after strike/lock-out. The comparison sought is “a full remedy, as is appropriated by an arbitrator for each member who has violated his or her collective rights.” “We are pleased that Unifor members have ratified this agreement and I would like to commend the professionalism and meticulous efforts of all parties involved in the negotiations – the management and members of the union,” said John Meldrum, Current President of SecurTek. “This new three-year contract allows us to continue to work successfully in the competition monitoring industry.” Unifor says the new agreement implies a net increase above the province`s original five per cent cap.