Health Representative Agreement

There are good reasons to allow representatives to act independently. If z.B. one representative is temporarily unavailable due to leave or illness, the other may take over himself and decisions can continue to be made on your behalf. On the other hand, the requirement for your representatives to make joint decisions will ensure that there will always be a “double audit” of decisions made on your behalf. Under the BC Representation Agreement Act, there are generally two types of representation agreements that you can enter into: an agreement with “limited powers” – sometimes called Clause 7 Representation Agreement – and an agreement that includes “general powers” – sometimes referred to as a Section 9 representation agreement. Generally speaking, the types of decisions you can authorize your representative in a Section 7 agreement are important, but generally not as intrusive or potentially controversial as those that can be included in a Section 9 agreement. A Section 7 agreement is generally sufficient to cover your daily care needs. (b) inform the adult, the representative and all other representatives, including alternate representatives, of the reasons for the observer`s conviction. The Representation Agreement (Section 7) allows an adult to appoint a representative to make decisions or on behalf of the adult, with respect to personal health care and care, routine management of financial matters and access to adult legal services, and the instruction of legal counsel. You can choose any competent person to act as your representative as long as they are 19 years of age or older and are ready to act as your representative. If your current wishes cannot be identified or if it is not reasonable to fulfill them, your representative is required to fulfill all instructions or wishes that you have expressed while being able to do so.

If your explicit instructions or wishes are not known, your representative is required to act on the basis of your known beliefs and values or in your best interest if your beliefs and values are not known. 15 (1) A representation contract enters into force on the date it is executed, unless the agreement provides that the contract or provision takes effect at a later date An adult may enter into a model representation agreement (as described in Section 7 of the Representation Agreement Act) even if the adult is unable to manage health care or personal care or deal with legal or financial matters. In determining whether an adult is in a position to enter into such an agreement, all relevant factors must be considered.