Financial Planner Client Agreement

We advise and make a recommendation after assessing the context of your personal/financial circumstances, including your needs. In some situations, we will only give you information rather than advice – and you will be told clearly on those occasions. In such circumstances, we may ask a few questions to limit the choice of products on which we will give details, and you should then make your own decision as to what to do next. These are organizations that platforms and providers make available to all financial advisors, with the sole aim of improving the quality of service provided by clients. The advice is provided by a qualified financial planner: a professional who helps individuals manage their finances by providing advice on money issues such as investment, insurance, savings, estate planning, taxes and retirement, depending on the client`s circumstances. The actual commitment to specific services may end at the end of the financial plan, but many of our clients decide to continue working with us on our investment management or asset management services. Since financial planning is a process and not an event, we offer regular assessments, as desired by clients who have decided not to exploit our heritage mania. Our company uses the most advanced technologies to analyze, monitor and report on your portfolio and financial plan. In addition, our technology provides more effective updates to the status of your financial plan and investments. We monitor situations where conflicts of interest may exist, such as. B a core interest in a transaction or recommendation, and if we believe that we are not able to handle a particular conflict of interest with this independence policy, we will pass on the conflict to customers by giving you all the details and steps we will take to ensure fair treatment and obtain your agreement before executing your instructions. If we believe that disclosure would not manage the conflict fairly, we must ultimately refuse to act for the client. Mark Astrinos brings each client a great depth of experience in a number of professional certifications (list below).

In addition, clients benefit from its personal strengths in trend analysis, research, attention to detail and creative adaptation of customized solutions. Strong tax expertise is strictly applied to all investment planning and financial programming recommendations, with the aim of minimizing tax commitment. This book is a reference guide updated annually for more than 1,600 scholarships for students. The goal is to help prospective students and their families find what they can seek with financial assistance from some institutions, help them make institutional comparisons and help them make financial aid decisions. The head-to-head case provides a brief overview of the education assistance system. This is our standard customer agreement that we want to rely on. For your own benefit and protection, you must carefully read the terms before signing, as you agree to sign the terms contained in them, including permission to transfer information between the parties, as shown above. If there are conditions in this contract that you do not understand, ask for more information.

The customer contract comes into effect from the date of acceptance of this contract, which is confirmed by the date indicated in the “signing date” below, unless otherwise stated. We will always vote on the amount of this compensation and your payment options before proceeding with the agreed financial planning project. Our level of commitment and activity will confirm the delivery costs and specific service. We will not charge you a fee until you agree on how we will be paid.