Article 53 Eea Agreement

PROTOCOLE 2 on products excluded from the scope of the agreement under Article 8 paragraph 3 point a). This agreement is submitted to all contracting parties for ratification or approval in accordance with their own procedures. However, the Competent Authority, in accordance with Article 56 of the agreement, authorizes specialisation or co-purchase or co-sale agreements for the products covered in paragraph 1 when it finds that: , is open. In the case of state aid programmes and cases, the EFTA Supervisory Authority or commission informs the other Authority and interested parties for comment; As far as EFTA states are concerned, the procedures are defined in the agreement on a standing committee of EFTA States and cover the following elements: the EFTA Court of Justice has jurisdiction over the application of this agreement, in accordance with a separate agreement between THE EFTA states, including: , or control or limit the production or marketing of a substantial part of the products concerned in the area covered by the agreement or to control them before effective competition between other companies located in the area covered by the protect agreement. Article 101, paragraph 1, of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFUE) complies with Article 53 of the EEA and prohibits concerted agreements and practices that are contrary to competition as an object or effect. This applies to horizontal relationships (between real or potential competitors) and vertical relationships (between companies at different levels of the supply chain).